I don't know you,
but I confess to have mixed feel
about today's
"keeping in touch" things:

you name it.

Not that I dislike technology, mind you, technology can do magic, sure,
but what about
"collateral damages"?

Take the the cellular phone, for instance:
the damn thing has killed the adventure,
or whatever was left of it.

No? Then just imagine the dialogue
of the third kind that
would take place
today when Stanley meets the
adventurer (or explorer if you prefer):

̶̶  Mr Livingstone, I presume?
̶̶  Yes, and you are the gentleman
  I talked to on my iPhone, I suppose?
̶̶  That's right, Sir. I located you 
  through the GPS of my Blackberry
̶̶  Of course, of course. I got your
  e-mail yesterday and was waiting for you
̶̶  Great. Then, if you're ready, we can
  begin the live interview through my
       cellular the webcam of my computer...
It's over, can't get lost anymore, you're caught in a web
of virtual wires that will never let you go.

Not that many people want be an adventurer,
or dream of disappearing in Papua New Guinea,
but this "collateral" is just the fun part of the story.

Read the sequel of it on the other side
of the black bar on your right...

All right, let's forget adventure, but what about privacy?
Years ago, you could
, in a perfect bad faith, hide behind the inefficiency of the Post Office (you remember, the snail-mail
people) to deny you ever received the letter.

That's over too. You like it or not you'll get flooded with text,
mages and sounds from your cellular, your computer and
soon, from your fridge and your toaster.

Privacy? Every time you turn your computer or your
cellular on, every time you get
of the zillion plastic rectangles
of your wallet, you're
, spyed. Wherever you are
they (whoever they are) will know,
they will watch you, they will find you.

the middle of Africa, in the Swiss Alps or on a tiny Pacific
Island, there is always a cybercafé with a free wi-fi
to tempt and betry you, and Skipe to tattle that you're on line.

Half of my kingdom for my old postman and my old wired phone!
And let's get rid of all this junk!  No more internet, no more
e-mails and SMSs, no more Twitters and blogs, no more this site,
 no more... but... do I hear you screaming?

"No more cellulars? No more computers? No more THIS site?
And how do you think we are going to communicate?
How do you think we are
going to SURVIVE?"

OK. I heard you!



   Ladies and Gentlemen, please, remain calm!
This was an exercise!
We repeat: this was ONLY an exercise!
You may now regain yours seats, turn on your cellulars
and your computers, click on the little rectangle on top

of the page that says "Our World" and begin the
voyage to meet The Families. I will be waiting for you
next page and be
honoured to be your guide. 
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