The World of Susan


  PS. Yo may be interested
knowing that the dictionary
also gives an alternate
efinition of "family":
  "A unit of the Mafia
Cosa Nostra,
  operating in one area
a local leader".
PS to the PS: The picture it's only used to illustrate
the alternate definition. Should somebody be tempted
to establish
a link or find similarities between the
picture, the alternate definition, and the webmaster
of this site, who, next to his southerner origins,
happens to be the founding father of this branch
of the Libera family, well, let me warn him: he's
taking an unnecessary risk.

So I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse:
I tell him, stops trying and I'll forget you tried.

PS to the PS of the first PS: this is a private joke
between Marco and Jonathan.
But if you have read
Mario Puzo or seen the movies, you certainly
understood it and you are therefore allowed  to laugh.


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