"Any group of persons

        closely related by blood,
        as parents, children,
        uncles, aunts,
        cousins, grand parents"

        So says the dictionary.

        Our definition of family
        extends beyond
        biological relationship,
        to encompass those
        whose friendship
        and love has been
        proven by time and
        distance and through

        There have been ups
        and there have been
        downs, but

Yes, the bonds hold, but... to be kept alive they need                                        

                  to be fed. The food is called contacts.
                                 Of course contacts are not the only thing,
                                         but certainly an important one,
                                                   when family's
members are separated
by countries and continents.                                     
In the Good (?) Old Times, when cars                   
                                                   were a luxury
and planes out of the                            
of normal people, there                          
two ways to keep in touch:
                                                   snail mail and the good old wired phone.          



            Remember the days
            spent waiting for
            old postman
and his
            antiquated car, hoping 
            he would bring the letter
            we were longing for,
            and then,
for a cup of coffee, a little chat on the latest village gossips?

                                                       Remember the hours sitting n
ext to the ancient
                                                       telephone, patiently waiting for the operator
                                                       to call back and proudly announce that he had
                                                       established the connexion?
                                                        Today's kids don't even know that such world
                                                        existed, how could they?

                                                        Telephone operators are only mentioned in history
                                                        books and the charming GranMa telephone
has been replaced by a flat little plastic thing
                                                        called "cellular" which,
excluding making coffee,
                                                        can do about everything else including,
                                                        if necessary, behaving as a telephone

                                                        As for mailmen, they are sporty kids who rush in
                                                        and out
like racing drivers, gone before get a
                                                        chance to say "Hallo!", let alone the cup of coffee
                                                        and the little chat.... Anyhow, they only deliver bills.

                                                        In a bygone millennium, maybe even another life
                                                        (it was 1963) a 22 year old named Bob Dylan
                                                        was singing that The times they are a-changin'.
                                                        They did, Bobby, ans so did did the way to keep the contacts.
                                                         Thanks to the modern technology you can cummunicate
                                                without pen, paper, postman, even without
a phone,
                                                at least the one with two ends.
                                                And, dulcis in fundo, all for free!
(well, sort of...).
                                                See? No excuses left not to keep in touch.

              Miraculous, technology? Well, yes, we could say so.

But how comes that I have some doubts about the outcomes?

              If you listened and liked the song that accompanied this page,
              go to the Keeping in Touch page to see if you share my skepticism...


              Or is it nostalgia?


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